Parish Facilities Calendars

** Now that the CDC and PA Department of Health
have begun to lighten up on restrictions and social distancing
requirements, the Parish is beginning to entertain requests 

for facility reservations for small gatherings and
events starting September 2021.

Please keep in mind Leonard Hall/Gym
is not available during the summer months
to allow for yearly summer maintenance.


For general information and questions regarding Facility Reservations,
please feel free to email Bernadette DePaul at

Facility Reservation Request Form

2022 January Parish Facility Calendar
2022 February Parish Facility Calendar
2022 March Parish Facility Calendar
2022 April Parish Facility Calendar
2022 May Parish Facility Calendar


For the safety of our children,
strict guidelines are in effect for the use of ALL Facilities
on afternoons/evenings 
PREP (Parish Religious Education Programs)

are in session September ~ May.

Normally, “in-person classroom” sessions are held in the
Primary & Secondary School Buildings:

*TUESDAYS (SFA Parish Students)


Please refer to the PREP Program
*Guidelines for Use of Facilities

These Guidelines are strictly enforced… No Exceptions!


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