Pastor: Rev. Anthony J. Costa……………

Weekend Assistant: Rev. James.A. Grant

In Residence: Rev. Joseph J. Meehan

Deacon Arthur M. McGuire
Deacon Wm. Timothy Baxter
Deacon James D. Kane

Parish Secretary: Joan Curtis, ext. 110
610-543-0848; Fax 610-543-0546;
Parish Secretary (Mondays): Suzanne Marinari (

Business Manager: Ms. Joan Fogerty, ext. 117

Director, Religious Education and Coordinator of Parish Youth Ministries –
 Mrs. Madelyn McBride, ext. 118

Director, Music Ministry: Mr. Eric Longo, ext. 121;

Regional Youth Minister: Mr. Jeffrey P. Braconnier, ; 610-544-8777

Maintenance Director: Mr. Jerry Paolino, ext. 124

Principal, St. Francis of Assisi School, Ms. Jill Carroll, 610-543-0546